• Mission Statement

    The Surry Arts Council provides opportunities for everyone in our community to have high-quality experiences in performing and visual arts, while ensuring continuity through financially responsible leadership.

  • Vision Statement

    The arts are a significant part of the life of our community.

  • Statement of Beliefs/Core Values - The Surry Arts Council Believes that the Arts:

    Provide an opportunity for people to develop their talents
    Enhance the quality of life
    Provide enhanced community experiences through meaningful collaborations and partnerships
    Provide a means of expression and communication
    Increase self-esteem, acceptance, and self worth
    Facilitate the preservation and validation of traditional art forms
    Enhance the cultural literacy of our community
    Expand the artistic horizons of children
    Improve academic performance
    Contribute to economic development
    Encourage tourism
  • Board of Directors

      Kelly Merritt
      Brian Royster
      Vice President
      Brooke Lowry
      Tommy Hill
  • Surry Arts Council Board Members

      Terri Champney
      Julie Adams
      Alan Connolly
      Swanson Snow
      Laney Johnson
      Teresa Lewis
      Will Sheppard
      Richard Wagner
      Cooper Adams
      Ashley Mills
      John Floyd
      Van Lankford
      Lenise Lynch
      Travis Reeves
      Sue Brownfield
      Camille Rhoden
      Dan Harrison
      Bryan Hatchell
      Jennifer Nester
      Scott Kniskern
      Emeritus Members:
      Scott Lowry
      Jeanette Reid
      Charlotte Bokesch
      Jay Williams
  • Surry Arts Council Staff